Benefits of Spinach Juice


Starting your quest to live well may involve juicing many different vegetables, but among the staples that you absolutely have to utilize is that of Spinach Juice.

This green leafy vegetable is more than just an iconic element that strengthened cartoon favorite Popeye. It packs a serious punch of nutrition that you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

There’s an abundance of nutrients, incredible benefits, and could very well be one of the most inexpensive solutions to attaining the holy grail of good health.

There are a variety of different types of spinach that you can utilize, most of which are defined by the way that they appear. For instance, savoy has darker colouring, flat has a smoother texture and broader leafing, while semi-savoy has crinkled leaves that can be mistaken for another vegetable. All of these are sold in bundles or packed in freezers, and have a great deal of benefits each.

The taste is similar and can be eaten raw, but for the purpose of this article, we are going to focus on the concentrating that you can get by juicing the leaves. You’ll get a good yield overall as the leaf doesn’t leave behind a lot, and is similar to kale in what you will get out of the juicer, depending on which brand you may have in your home.

If you drink just the juice of this vegetable or add it to another blend, you’ll get a great deal of nutrition in every glass.

The Helpful Side Of Things

If you were to simply drink one glass of this a day, you would have a cornucopia of benefits, some of which are maxed out and some of which could stave off serious illnesses of the blood and more.

If you’ve dealt with anemia in the past, you will definitely benefit from this, and it’s not just the iron that is aiming high, it’s the other elements that manifest as the nutritional elements start to carry into your system. Consider some of the benefits that are really shaping up to be quite good for your body.


First and foremost, you will get hit with a healthy dose of iron. This helps in the formation of red blood cells which is a good thing for those that need improved circulation. The high iron content is good, and will definitely stave of anemia, as mentioned above.


Spinach juice has a high level of alkalinity which translates to helping fight joint point. People that are prone to dealing with arthritis of various types will find a bit of healing with this. It may not be a miracle cure, but it will definitely be a helpful component that is worth exploring.

Dental Benefits

Dentists have found that the nutrients found in this vegetable will deliver a powerful dose of vitamin C and that could in fact help with gum disease and ailments of the gum line. If you have bleeding gums, get ready to gain a helping hand.

Clean Blood

Blood can become toxic, which is why the folic acid that is found in spinach juice can be a great thing. It cleans out toxicity in the blood cells and can even reduce the risk of atherosclerosis and other issues of the cardiovascular system.

Fights Free Radical Formation

Free radicals can turn into cancerous cells. High dosages of antioxidants can help stave them off and control the mutation of the cells. Flavonoids in spinach help do just that, and could be a major help in fighting off infections with a jolt to the immune system.

Healthy Eyes

Vision issues get a helpful boost through vitamin A and more. Help stave of cataracts, strained vision, and healthy circulation in the eyes.

Digestive Health

The digestive system gets a huge push with fiber. The fibrous cells of the plant help pass through the body and help with constipation relief, and regularity. It can even aid in soothing ulcers and other inflammations of the intestinal lining.

Assists The Skeletal System

With the added boost of vitamin K, your daily calcium intake will gain a needed boost and attach to the bones. Creating a healthy and strong skeletal system is paramount in fighting osteoporosis later in life and spinach can deliver a helpful hand in sustaining overall good health.

Another Super Food

There are few super foods in the world of nutrition, and spinach is definitely one of the top contenders. Alongside kale, this simple green leafy vegetable has a lot of power. If you couple it with other elements, you could have the ultimate experience in juicing, especially if you stick to it on a regular basis