Benefits of Fennel Juice


One of many herbs and seeds that you will find in the kitchen is that of fennel. Juicing with the added benefit of this small item, will definitely give you an incredible boost of nutrition, and should definitely be looked into for the future.

As a staple of many diets, the nutritional value attached to fennel is immense. The herb is part of the parsley family and gives off a unique scent, but when used in juicing, it doesn’t overpower the other flavors that you may be mixing.

Fennel can be found in seed or bulb form, and for juicing the stalks are cut and the leaves are removed, or it can be cut up and used whole in a mix.

The Intense Benefits Of Fennel Juice

• Antioxidant Release – When using this herb for juicing, you will get a healthy dose of antioxidants. This helps stave of certain cancers, and gives the body a boost to the immune system.

• Fiber – Dietary fiber is another great thing that you can expect from this herb. Giving the digestive system a boost is essential for overall health.

• Cholesterol Fighting – One of the best benefits of adding this simple element is the reduction of bad cholesterol. Over time it could even help reduce the risk of heart disease, and help the cardiovascular system.

• Helps Red Blood Cells – The production of red blood cells gets a boost, as well as muscle recovery and circulation. This also helps regulate blood pressure, over time.

Benefits Of Fennel Juice

What Do The Experts Say?

When you look into the health benefits of anything you’re going to be consuming, you don’t want to just go by what popular opinion is. It’s with that in mind that you should consider what the experts in medicine are saying about this herb.

Studies from the University of Maryland linked digestive health in infants with fennel oil, for instance. It was shown that it could improve colic, if mothers drank 3 cups of fennel seed tea daily. The benefits would transfer to the baby.

In another study, the Phototherapy Research Magazine, printed a study on how fennel could help prevention and healing of ulcers. It showed that among several herbs, fennel helped substantially change things for the better amongst those that had digestive health issues including ulcer.

Another study from the NYU Langone Medical Center also cited similar results in regards to dietary use and healing stomach issues.

Juicing Fennel (Recipe)

For those that aren’t sure how to use fennel in a recipe, or just want a good option for moving forward with this nutritional element, one way to jazz up juice is to look into mixing a few ingredients. Consider the following:

  • ½ fennel bulb
  • 3 carrots
  • ¼ bunch of kale
  • 1 tomato

Take the ingredients and put them into a juicer, and you will get a nice shot of nutrition. Add a little hot sauce to make it a tangy low-sugar solution.

Picking Out And Storing Fennel

When in the grocery store, look for bulbs and leaves that are not browning. Also look for items that aren’t too dry. Storing this herb is as simple as putting it into the refrigerator, and using it along the same timeline as celery. Seeds can be stored in a cool, dry place, and do not usually need too much scrutiny.