Juicing vs Smoothies: Which is the Healthier Choice?


Juices and smoothies are two very popular options among those who are working to improve their health and lose weight. It is important to weigh the advantages and considerations with each option so that you can choose the one that will work best for you. You want the option that provides you with the most nutrients so that your body has the nourishment that it requires.

juicing vs smoothies

Advantages And Considerations With Juicing

When you juice, you can combine any mixture of fruits, vegetables and herbs to create a juice that hits all of the nutrients that you need. You can easily add protein and fiber powders to your juice to make it a complete meal. Many people juice in the mornings because it saves time and it gives you a breakfast that will keep you full until lunch.

Juicing also helps to boost your energy as long as you add plenty of product that is rich in B vitamins. When you drink fresh juice, your body absorbs the nutrients easier, ensuring your body has everything that it needs. The only consideration with juicing is that you have to chop everything up well so that it fits into the chute of your juicer.

However, you can make this easier for yourself by doing the chopping the night before so that you can quickly add your fruits and vegetables to the juicer in the morning to create a fresh and nutritious breakfast on the go. Of course, you also need to purchase a juicer, but you can find a quality juicer on any budget.

Advantages And Considerations With Smoothies

Smoothies involve simply placing your favorite fruits into a blender and blending them until they are the right consistency. You can add things like fiber and protein powder to the mix to get an extra boost of nutrients in your smoothie. A smoothie can provide you with a snack that helps you get to your next meal.

To ensure that a smoothie is liquid enough to drink, you often have to add things that can increase the sugar and the calorie content. Common ingredients that add sugar and calories include ice cream, almond milk, a lot of frozen fruit, flavored yogurt and honey.

This can result in a major blood sugar spike that can lead you fatigued within a couple of hours. It also prevents you from feeling full in between meals because once your blood sugar drops, you generally feel hungry. While both juicing and smoothies have their advantages and considerations, juicing is the healthier choice.


  • Remove insoluble fiber, which results in a liquid drink.
  • Expedient way to complement vegetable intake.
  • Usually Juices are easy to digest.
  • Can give you an instant rush of energy.
  • Due to the fast rate of absorption, juices provide more of an instant energy boost.
  • Need juicer to Prepare it.


  • Contains whole fiber intact.
  • More appropriate for a meal alternate.
  • Some smoothies hard to digest .
  • Some smoothies hard to digest .
  • Helps steady blood sugar levels .
  • Keeps you regular and many studies even show that they help prevent some cancers.
  • Need blender to Prepare it.

The Bottom Line

Juicing is only fruits and vegetables, giving your body a broad variety of nutrients for optimal health. Smoothies tend to have more sugar and fewer nutrients overall. Juicing also allows for much greater variety because not all fruits and vegetables blend well in a blender. This means that with juicing you can combine just about any fruits, vegetables and herbs so that you find the combinations that you love most.