How To Juice Wheatgrass (the Easy Way!)


We are all familiar with the many health and nutritional benefits that one can obtain from drinking wheatgrass juice. Packed with an array of vitamins,minerals, amino acids, and anti-oxidants, one is hard pressed to find another natural beverage that even comes close to it. There is, however, a characteristic of wheatgrass juice that some people find disagreeable. That is its flavor.

Some describe the flavor of wheatgrass green juice as being robust, others as “spinachy,” yet others are even able to detect a metallic tanginess to the green beverage. Being rich in minerals such as iron, these descriptions are understandable. What then can you do to make it not just palatable, but actually tasty?

Neutralize It

For those who simply wish to mellow the robust flavor of wheatgrass green juice, neutralizing its dense flavor can be achieved fairy easily. The simplest method is by adding three to four ounces of chilled filtered or distilled water to the juice after it has come out of the juicer. Avoid using tap water as its chlorine level may actually neutralize some of the nutritional benefits of the wheatgrass juice itself.

  • The flavor can also be neutralized by adding two to three slices of apple during the juicing process.
  • Also, removing the foam that settles on top of the juice has been reported to reduce the heavy flavor.

Avoid Oxidization

Many of the complaints regarding wheatgrass’ flavor can be avoided if one simply prevented oxidization of the wheatgrass prior to and right after juicing. Make certain to harvest the blades just before juicing. Do not leave cut wheatgrass blades lying around for more than just a few minutes.

Likewise, when you have prepared your wheatgrass green juice do not let it sit around for more than thirty minutes. If you wish to enjoy your wheatgrass juice cold, place it in the freezer for ten to fifteen minutes to chill it. Do not make a batch to keep refrigerated. Wheat grass oxidizes fast and not only will this intensify the negative attributes of its flavor, but it also breaks down its nutrients.

Enhance And Supplement Its Flavor

Adding two to four ounces of either lemon or orange juice to a glass of wheatgrass juice can go a long way to mellow out it rougher flavors. You can achieve a similar effect, even brighten and sweeten its flavor, by adding a handful of grapes or dark berries during the juicing process. Not only will this liven it up, but it also enhances its already powerful antioxidant properties.

A couple of mint leaves added during the juicing process laces the juice mixture with the unmistakable fresh flavor of mint. Adding three to four ounces of coconut water after juicing also does wonders for creating a mellower glass of wheatgrass juice.

Change How You Serve Wheatgrass Juice

The final tip for making wheatgrass green juice more palatable to your taste buds does not involve adding anything to it. It simply requires changing how you serve it. Instead of serving it in a tall glass, serve yourself two or three shot glasses of the juice. Get into the habit of drinking these in “shot” form, fast and in one movement.

As you can determine from these handy tips, drinking wheatgrass juice need not be a dire experience. With a little creativity it can become enjoyable, or at the very least tolerable. Remember everybody has varying tastes so experiment with these tips for yourself and soon you will discover what works best for you.