Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juice Extractor Review


Hamilton Beach 67650 Big Mouth Pro Juice Extractor

The Hamilton Beach Extractor is a very affordable juicer for folks just getting into juicing and juice diets. It’s fast, powerful, and durable.

I’m a busy guy, just like most all of you reading this article. I don’t want to have to wait for my juice. And I especially dislike having to prepare fruits and vegetables before I juice them – all of the cutting and chopping and feeding into the machine, just to get out half a cup of juice.

I want a fast juicer where I can just throw the fruits and vegetables in one end of the machine and have juice come out of the other end, just like magic. Well, maybe it’s not magic, but just good design engineering :).

Anyway, I want all of this and not have to pay hundreds of dollars for it. After doing my research I found just such a machine, the Hamilton Beach 67650 Big Mouth Pro Juice Extractor. And amazingly it’s less than $100. Here’s what I found out about this stellar juicer.

Choosing A Juicer That Suits Your Lifestyle

The Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juicer is a centrifugal juicer. That means it extracts juice from fruits and vegetables by grinding, chopping, and spinning them. As the food spins the juice and the pulp are separated with the juice going out of one end of the machine and the pulp going out of the other end.

The advantage of centrifugal juicers, like the Big Mouth Pro, is that they’re very fast. You can put your fruits and vegetables in the machine and have a nice fresh cup of juice within seconds.

The other major advantage of centrifugal juicers is that you can juice a wide variety of different fruits and vegetables, from soft fruits like peaches to hard vegetables like cucumbers.

This Hamilton Beach model can handle just about anything you throw at it. The only things that it may have trouble with are leafy greens and sprouts. It tends to mush these up a bit, leaving the extracted pulp too wet.

So if you would like to juice spinach and wheatgrass, and get the maximum juice yield from them, then you’ll need to move up to a masticating or triturating juicer.

Masticating or single gear juicers and triturating or twin gear juicers are the most efficient of all types of juicers and are able to extract a tremendous amount of juice from foods.

You can juice wheatgrass with no problems with these machines. They are however much slower than centrifugal juicers, and they cost a lot more.

So if you want a juicer that will be able to handle most common fruits and vegetables very quickly for an affordable price, then the Hamilton Beach 67650 Big Mouth juice extractor is the machine you need.

You’ll Have More Than Enough Power To Get The Job Done

The Big Mouth Pro has a 1.1 horsepower motor which is very powerful for a juicer in this category. A motor of this size and strength can easily handle hard fruits and vegetables with ease and speed.

The more powerful the motor, the faster the cutting blades spin, and the faster you get your juice. Another plus is that despite the power, the machine is not that loud, especially when you compare it to a high-speed blender.

This Juicer Truly Does Have A Big Mouth

The Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juice Extractor is aptly named. It has a huge 3-inch feeding tube that lets you place whole apples into the machine at once.

I personally don’t like to have to chop things and prepare all of my fruits and vegetables before I start to juice them. I like being able to just throw them in my juicer and let the machine do all of the work.

Well, that is certainly the case with the Big Mouth Juice Extractor. As you can see from the video below Chef Kev is able to just dump most of the ingredients into the machine without cutting or skinning. Although he does use some pretty large apples that he did have to cut, most of the time you shouldn’t have to do this.

The handy food pusher device also makes getting the food down into the machine very easy. Also, the 67650 is so strong you won’t have to push down on the device very hard to get the food down into the cutting basket and juiced.

This is a nice benefit and a real-time saver. You know what I’m talking about if you’ve ever used a masticating juicer where you really have to push hard to get the food into the machine.

Easy To Operate And Clean And Highly Efficient

There is only one switch to flip on and off to get this machine running. It is also very easy to assemble and disassemble with all of the parts snapping securely into place. All parts are dishwasher safe as well, and the unit comes with a handy cleaning brush for those hard-to-reach crevices.

The brush is also great for cleaning out the central grinding cylinder where a lot of pulp can accumulate.

You’ll be surprised at the efficiency of the Hamilton Beach 67650. The pulp coming out is very dry for a centrifugal juicer and the juice yield is very high. The stainless steel micro-mesh strainer basket is responsible for this as it does a fantastic job of filtering the juice from the pulp.

The Big Mouth Pro Offers High Quality And Durability

The question I always ask when I see an inexpensive kitchen appliance is, “Will it last very long?” The warranty on the Big Mouth Pro goes a year, which is good, so you’re unlikely to have any problems during that time. However, how does it perform past that time period?

The only way to find this out is to look at reviews from owners that have been using the machine for over a year. I did that and found very few reports of breakage and engine burnout. There were a couple of people that had some problems with their machines after just a few months, but these reports were few and far between.

All of the breakage issues that happen within a year, under warranty, are covered and Hamilton Beach will send you a new juicer.

Ever Tried Almond Milk?

Well I have and it’s pretty darn tasty, and you can make it in your Big Mouth juicer. You’ll also be able to make soy milk and rice milk. I haven’t tried those yet, but I hope to soon.

To make these milk in your Hamilton Beach juicer just take one cup of soybeans, almonds, or rice and soak them in four cups of water for 24 to 48 hours in your refrigerator. Then simply pour the contents of the cup into your juicer.

The liquid that comes out of the machine is the milk. If you make soy milk make sure you boil it to improve the flavor. You can also add honey, sugar, or vanilla to any of the milk to enhance and boost the flavor.

The Good

  • Good value for the price – This juicer is really inexpensive when you compare it to other centrifugal juicers with similar features.
  • Nice looking design – The Big Mouth Pro has a nice attractive modern sleek looking design. I like the black with the chrome trim and these colors are less likely to show stains than white models.
  • 1 year warranty – For juicers in this price range, a 1 year warranty is really good.
  • Sturdy lid locking latches – This is mainly a safety feature. The machine will not run unless the lid is locked in place and all the parts are aligned.
  • Parts are dishwasher safe – This saves you a lot of time on clean-up.
  • Comes with a juice cup – You can use this to collect your juice as it comes out of the machine and then drink right from it. It also has a nice lid so that you can store the juice in the refrigerator for later.

The Bad

  • Only 1 speed – Other centrifugal juicers I’ve looked at will offer 2 speeds, a slow speed for softer foods, and a higher speed for harder foods. Of course they are much more expensive.
  • No pulp regulator – Some centrifugal juicers let you control how much pulp is in the finished product. Of course these models cost much more than the Hamilton Beach 67650.

What’s Included

  1. Hamilton Beach 67650 Big Mouth Pro Juice Extractor
  2. 20 ounce juice cup
  3. Removable pulp container
  4. Cleaning brush

Summary Of The Most Helpful Positive Reviews:

Owners really love how fast the Big Mouth Pro juices food. They talk about how easy it is to use and how powerful the motor is. There were a lot of positive comments about the large size of the food chute and how nice it is to be able to just drop large pieces of fruits and vegetables down the chute and have them processed so quickly and easily.

Owners also really like how easy the 67650 is to clean up afterward, with many parts being dishwasher safe.

Owners who researched other centrifugal models in this price range found that the Hamilton Beach model had the most powerful motor and the longest warranty. Most users feel that for the price, this machine is a really good deal and an overall excellent general purpose juicer.

Summary Of The Most Helpful Negative Reviews:

Owners found that soft fruits and soft vegetables didn’t work as well in the machine. The pulp tended to come out a bit wet, which indicates that the machine was not pulling enough juice out of it.

Reviewers did say that harder foods worked really well and produced a lot of juice and very dry pulp. So if you are looking to juice watermelon and spinach just expect to feed the machine with a little more fresh produce to get the same amount of juice.

To remedy this one owner suggested re-feeding the pulp back into the machine and having it pull out even more juice.

Where Can I Buy The Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Pro Juice Extractor?

I checked all over for the best deal on this machine. There are a lot of stores selling this model because it’s so popular. I found the best price on Amazon.com.

Amazon sells just about everything, including a lot of juicers. They also offer free shipping in the US which is pretty cool. Last I checked they were offering the Big Mouth Pro for a 9% discount off the regular retail price. I would jump on that deal. Be sure to pick up a few books on juicing to help get you started as well.

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