Breville Juice Fountain Compact Centrifugal Juicer


The Breville Juice Fountain Compact BJE200XL juicer is one of the smallest, most compact, and powerful 700 watt juicers on the market. Find out more in my Breville BJE200XL review.

I’m not a fan of big bulky kitchen appliances. I like all my cooking related items small and compact just like my electronics – with the exception of my TV of course :). That’s why I was attracted to the Breville Juice Fountain Compact version.

The big difference between this model (BJE200XL) and the other Breville models is that the pulp container is integrated or built in to the bottom of the juicer. On other juicers you’ll find the pulp container, where the pulp shoots out, on the side or back of the unit.

This makes the machine much bigger and taking up much more space on your counter. With the Compact Juice Fountain you get everything in a compact package.

Even though the BJE200XL is small and compact, it still packs a punch with 700 watts of engine power. That makes it more powerful than many kitchen blenders on the market and much more powerful than most juicers.

With such power in a lightweight small package, the cutting blade assembly is able to spin at 14,000 rpm’s, which is among the fastest of any centrifugal juicer on the market. The faster the blades spin, the faster your juice is extracted from the fruits and vegetables you put in the machine.

Faster blade speeds also help to ensure that a lot of juice is squeezed out, leaving drier pulp, and more juice in your cup. Read on to learn more about the Breville Juice Fountain Compact Juicer and about the health benefits of juicing.

Why Juicing Is Important

It should hardly be a surprise to hear that most Americans do not get enough servings of fruit and vegetables each day, yet few realize how easy it is to get your full daily dose of vitamins.

Juicers have become popular in recent years as dieters, health enthusiasts, and nutritionists have all dabbled in the benefits of fruit and vegetable juices.

With just a single eight ounce cup each day it is not necessary to take any additional supplements, and with a juicer like the Breville BJE200XL Juice Fountain, each meal of the day just got a bit better tasting.

Walk into any bookstore, head for the health section, and you will quickly find a small library of juicing booklets and recipe bibles that help you make everything from an all in one morning shake to a killer daiquiri.

As more and more food scientists look into the value of raw foods and naturalistic diets, there are few ways to get the number of veggies and fruits needed in a day without juicing.

You simply can’t eat enough whole fruits and vegetables in a day to get all of those nutrients. This is where a juicer becomes not only practical, but a great source of entertainment as you watch how quickly a whole apple is turned into delicious juice.

Juicing Made Easy With The Compact Breville Juice Fountain

When you can make an eight ounce cup of juice in the time it takes to turn around and put bread in a toaster (5 seconds to be exact), why would you refrain from adding some sweetness to a meal?

The seven hundred watt motor can rapidly turn even the toughest fruits into pulp and liquid. The BJE200XL works so well because the blades are able to spin at 14,000 rpm (or over two hundred revolutions per second) which is faster than most centrifugal juicers on the market. So it is able to extract more juice faster by grinding, shredding, and straining fruits and vegetables to get fresh, healthy juice.

In order to use the juicer the safety locking arm must be in place. This ensures that all parts are safely locked into position to prevent damage to the machine or to you. Whatever quantity of juice you require can be fulfilled by the Breville model.

A single lime to make a glaze for a fish dinner or an entire bushel full of apples: all can be made quickly and easily with the spinning blades of the Breville Juice Fountain BJE200XL.

As much as a quart and a half of juice (nearly half a gallon) can be processed before the pulp masher needs to be removed and cleaned. That can be enough juice for an entire extended family or a party.

All you need to do is flip the on switch and the knife array starts spinning and juicing. The Breville juicer works fast enough to separate the juice from the pulp and then mince the pulp into minute quantities.

If you want to add in whole ingredients without having to cut anything you can do so with the food pusher. The extra large 3 inch centrally located patented feed will fit all kinds of whole fruits and vegetables saving you prep time.

As you use the sturdy food pusher to move food towards the cutting blades, you’ll find inside of the tube is a specially designed stabilizing knife which angles the food into the center of the tube ensuring an even and consistent juicing process.

I still find it amazing that you can just put some fruit into the machine and seconds later you have fresh juice. No matter what you want to drop in the chamber, whether it is a whole apple or pineapple with the skin still attached, you can be sure that nothing but sweet liquid will be coming out the other end.

After your pitcher fills up with juice you may notice some foam in the container. If you don’t like this froth you can use the froth filter that comes with the 800ml dishwasher safe juice jug when you’re pouring the juice into a cup. I especially like this feature because I don’t want a lot of froth in my juice.

The Compact Size Works Great In Any Kitchen

This juicer can fit anywhere and everywhere. No matter what your living conditions look like it can find a home. Whether you are a college student with a dorm the size of a broom closet or a lucky person who enjoys a kitchen larger than an apartment, the juicer is only sixteen inches tall and 9.5 inches wide so it can fit on any shelf or in any cabinet.

Breville redesigned their Juice Fountain a few years ago based on customer feedback and the result was the Compact BJE200XL.

This machine integrates the pulp container, which is where the dry pulp from the fruits and vegetables is shot, into the base of the juicer. Other juicers will have this container on the side of the machine.

The result is that the BJE200XL takes up about half the counter space that other juicers occupy. This means more room in your kitchen. The pocket size does not reduce its power, however, and its heavy duty performances only depend upon a nearby power socket.

When you’re done juicing and need to store the Juice Fountain away, the cord wraps neatly on the back of the machine. This is an especially nice feature as I personally don’t like to have a lot of stray cords around the kitchen.

With such a small foot print and the neat cord wrap you shouldn’t have any trouble storing your BJE200XL in your cabinet. However, the machine looks so good you may just want to keep it out on the counter for everyone to see.

Clean Up Is A Piece Of Cake

This pint-sized machine delivers the capacities of an industrial-strength juice extractor without draining energy or requiring an army of workers to keep it maintained. Better still, cleaning the pieces is a snap.

Nothing makes juicing easier or more fun that using a machine that not only can turn nearly any fruit or vegetable into liquid and pulp, but also can be cleaned and stored with minimal effort.

The Compact Breville Juice Fountain has only a few large parts that come apart very easily so that after you are done juicing you can simply put rinse them off, put them in the dish washer and you’re done. The stainless steel micro mesh filter basket, the juicer cover, and the integrated pulp container are all dishwasher safe.

The juicer also comes with a scrub brush for the micro mesh filter and blade assembly basket that makes cleaning tough pulp a simple and fast process. The brush even has a spatula on the end of it to help with the removal of large quantities of pulp.

If you want to make one glass or a dozen glasses, the cleaning is a breeze: just dump the pulp (unless you want to keep it for cooking) and wash with soap or within a dishwasher. Whether you want to start each day with a glass of juice to boost your breakfast or you want to ensure that your family gets its nutrition in liquid form, the Breville BJE200XL Juice Fountain offers strength, stability and easy clean up in a compact package.


  • Large feed tube – At 3 inches you’ll be able to fit many whole fruits and vegetables down into the tube without having to cut them up. This can really save you a lot of time.
  • Powerful engine – At 700 watts the motor on the BJE200XL really packs a punch. Power equals speed which equals faster and more efficient juicing.
  • Compact design – The Breville Compact Juice Fountain is about half the width of most centrifugal juicers, letting it easily fit on your countertop.
  • Easy clean up – There are only a few parts to the BJE200XL and most of those are dishwasher safe, making clean up a snap.
  • Juice jug with froth filter – This is a nice bonus to have with the Breville. Most juicers don’t come with a juice container. This one even has a nice handle for pouring, a built in froth separator in the lid, and measuring marks on the side. The lid also prevents any splatter as the juice shoots out of the machine.
  • Fast – With a powerful motor and spinning blades that spin at 14,000 rpm, the BJE200XL will produce an 8 ounce cup of juice in about 5 seconds.
  • Easy to use – There is only one switch on the juicer, an on off switch, so you don’t need to worry about different settings and speeds.


  • Only a 1 year warranty – Although the quality on this machine seems very high, with few reports of breakages, I would still like to see at least a 2 year warranty.

What’s Included

  1. Breville Juice Fountain Compact BJE200XL
  2. Food pusher
  3. 800ml juice jug
  4. Nylon bristle brush
  5. Breville Juice Fountain Compact BJE200XL Owner’s Manual – The manual talks about assembly and operation of the juicer, care and cleaning, and offers some really helpful tips on juicing and recipe ideas.

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What Are Other Owners Saying?

There are few dining and kitchen products to be found that have been better received by customers than the Breville BJE200XL Juice Fountain.

Boasting a perfect rating by well over two-thirds of Breville BJE200XL Review, less than one percent of all customers report their juicer as poor quality.

Many owners like how fast, powerful, and efficient this machine is. They talk about its sturdy design and flexibility. One owner even reported that he had his Juice Fountain for three and a half years, using it for lots of carrot juice, which is really hard on a juicer, and his machine was still going strong.

Many customers express satisfaction with the quiet performance of the Breville, as their previous models of juicers have been loud drones or high-pitched whines, while the smooth motors within the Breville are ultra-silent.

Reviewers also enjoy the flexibility that allows them to make many different types of juice. This is because of the large feeding tube, which everyone loves. No one likes have to cut ingredients down to put them in other juicer models they’ve had in the past and they love not having to do this with the Breville Compact Juice Fountain.

While there are just a few negative customer reviews, the overwhelming majority seem to appreciate their purchase. Some reported that their juicer jammed easily, but this is simply due in many cases to owners failing to clean out their pulp stores. Those that have needed a replacement model or replacement parts have nevertheless reported that the customer service from Breville responds quickly to inquiries and sends out the necessary equipment.

Best Place To Buy

I found several online stores offering the BJE200XL for competitive prices. The best deal though was on They frequently run specials there and you can even shop for new and used models to really get the best price. I highly recommend Amazon and I have always had a fantastic experience shopping there, especially for juicers. You can even pick up a book or two on juicing with some delicious juice recipes while you’re there.


Few hobbies are sweeping the nation like juicing. If you want to secure a delicious means of kick-starting your day, of sprucing up your diet, or of adding a new twist to a favorite drink, the Breville BJE200XL Compact Juice Fountain offers an inexpensive but powerful means of putting the squeeze on your collection of fruits and vegetables.

With large amounts of power and an even larger amount of technological wizardry, you can produce a glass of fresh juice within the time that it takes to pull out a carton of orange juice from the fridge.

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