What Is The Best Vitamix For Juicing (2022)


Best Vitamix For Juicing

Juicing your vegetables and fruits is one of the best ways to consume nutritious food, especially if you have children. Juices are both enjoyable and beneficial.

If you do have a juice maker in the house, do not waste your money buying it. Your blender, the one that you already have, can do just as good of a job. They can do so much more than just juicing, like smoothies, soups, baby food, and much more.

However, juices made from blenders require some more work because they might come out thick and might have bits in them. To avoid that, you need the perfect blender, and as everybody knows, Vitamix is the top choice.

Therefore, we will help you find the best Vitamix juicer.

Is Vitamix good for juicing?

The real question is Vitamix best for juicing? Will it give you the same thick sauces as every other blender? Vitamix is not only the best brand of blenders, but it is like, some customers would say, a style of life. I think that answers your question.

Vitamix blenders have high motor power, which offers the best consistent product. They are highly durable and made of high-quality material.

Best Vitamix For Juicing

Best Vitamix For Juicing Detailed Buying Guide

There are numerous features Vitamix has that you need to keep in mind while buying, such as built-in-timer or pulse, but those features get added to the main highlights that you need to acknowledge before purchasing any Vitamix blender. Let us start with the speed. The higher the speed blender has the more unique and multi-profile it is. When you want to make specific things such as mayonnaise, it will not compound at high speed. On the other hand, sharp blades past 17000 RPM are over killers. In ideal circumstances, blenders should have between 3000 to 15000 RMP.

What is a blender if it does not have sharp blades? One of the reasons why Vitamix is so popular is its blades. They use firm, laser-cut, stainless-steel blades, guaranteeing that every edge is stalwart and unlikely to blunt over time.

Let us touch a little on the material side of blenders. For example, glass jars are the best for blending hard textured food, but on the other hand, they are fragile and not very durable. If you want something long-lasting, then try metal blenders. But there must be a reason why most Vitamix blenders get made with plastic. They are super lightweight, and thus, it is easier to move the blender around if you need to. They sometimes have a remained smell from the products it blends.

Higher motor power is, the better blender will work, and the better liquids they will deliver. In general, the Vitamix offers the most powerful motors, most of them have two horsepower, or sometimes even more.

The Best Vitamix For Juicing

1. Vitamix Explorian

Vitamix Professional-Grade has the performance of more expensive ones without the bells and whistles and is one of the most exceptional models of the Explorian series.

It has a 64-ounce container, which means it probably fits under most people’s cabinets and can make big batches of food. Not only that, but it has the low-profile feature that makes it possible to blend thick flavorings, like baby food. This blender does just as well as one of the fancier machines you could buy on the market right now, even with the lack of features.

One of the significant differences between this machine and other Vitamix blenders is it does not have that many features. For example, there is no digital display or preset programs. It only comes with a few features like an on/off switch, the variable dial (Up to 10), and a pulse.

On the other hand, it still has the same core particularly, a 2.2 horsepower motor that does everything any other Vitamix blender can.

2. Vitamix 5200

There is a reason why Vitamix 5200 has 4200 highest global ratings claiming it is more than a blender and more like a tool that will make your life easier.

It has a heavy-duty look and has a two-peak horsepower motor, with the container holding 64 ounces. The blender can mix large portions of the food and is practically unbreakable, as the shape of the jar helps pull the ingredients into the blade.

Since the motor is so powerful, even though a high-power machine is best for food blending, it might be a little unbalanced and might be a little too loud at full power.

The spears are hard and stainless steel, which is supposed to stay sharp over time. In conclusion, buying a Vitamix blender can never go wrong, especially if you choose, like customers would love to call it, the Cadillac or Rolex of the blenders.

3. Vitamix A2300

The Vitamix Ascent Series A2300 is proof positive that gets the job done perfectly. At a little costly value, as with all Vitamix machines, they offer attention to details, features, and design. 

A2300 comes with the newly redesigned 64-ounce container with a snap-on clear lid. It offers a new uniform pour spout and self detect technology, which wirelessly speaks to the Vitamix, so the proper blending performance gets achieved based on the container design. 

On the other hand, if you are not planning to use this blender professionally, we recommend purchasing a smaller Vitamix blender. More diminutive machines have more of an acceptable level of noise. This blender produces powerful and harsh noises, which is a turning point for a lot of customers.

With the package, you will receive the tamper accelerator tool and the all-new simply blending recipe book, a lifestyle book complete with beautiful pages that create delicious recipes that provide you with many types of diets and lifestyles.

What makes the blender different from other Vitamix series is self detect containers, the in/out sizes for grinding grains and making distance spreads or a 20-ounce for smoothies and juices on the go.

The container itself is high-quality, and gets made of non-BPA plastic materials, is extremely sturdy, and will not crack.

4. Vitamix Standard

The first thing you need to know is that this is a pre-owned product that has been professionally tested and cleaned by Amazon-qualified suppliers.

This Vitamix blender has an on/off switch on the left and a high variable switch on the right. The variable dial is what you would use for smooth salsas or sauces with texture. The high-speed setting is the highest speed that the blender operates at, and it is excellent for smoothies, thick mixtures like dips.

The blades are very sharp; therefore you want to be careful when you are washing them. The container is BPA-free plastic and is pretty safe. The lid, on the other hand, is unique and has two little lips, and you want to make sure that you hear a click on both sides, or you could blow off and paint your ceiling.

The unique feature that makes this series blender stand out from others is that you will steam hot soup without a stove. The friction from our blades lets you bring soup to serving temperature, right in the container.

5. Vitamix E310

The Explorian e310 handles itself well and has remained extraordinary even when compared to other more expensive blenders.

1300-watt motor serves as the heart of the e310 and can output up to two horsepower. Therefore, it has plenty of power and torque to complete, particularly challenging tasks such as crushing ice into shavings or grinding coffee beans into a fine powder.

As you would expect a Vitamix can turn ingredients no matter how tough or fibrous they may be into a smooth and consistent blend.

The jug and the motor get made of stainless steel, which ensures that they do not wear away quickly, allowing for plenty of years of continued use. The use of stainless steel also continues upwards to the blade, which has been hardened for durability.

Even with these great features, there is something you need to stay away from. The e310 cleaning experience offers dishwasher-safe parts for hands-off cleaning. However, many customers have complained that the dishwasher-safe statement is false, and their blenders got destroyed after a couple of washes.


1. Which is a better juicer or Vitamix?

The Vitamix grinds fruits down to the molecular level. It makes all of those valuable vitamins and minerals easily digestible. Moreover, juicers cost more and can get used only for one thing, while you will use Vitamix for multiple different recipes.

2. Can Vitamix cut-up vegetables, or should I cut them beforehand?

Yes, it absolutely can. Vitamix blenders are very powerful and have the sharpest blades, which can chop any vegetables and fruit, but they should get cut in halves previously. Some small vegetables can get blended even without chopping.

3. Which is the best Vitamix for juicing and smoothies?

The best Vitamix blenders for juicing are A2300 and E310, ones that have a powerful motor that is sturdy enough to give you the perfect consistency liquid. These blenders are durable and get made from material that will last for years.

4. Which is better Vitamix, or Ninja?

Vitamix has more complex programs and settings, which, at first sight, is a great thing, but it makes using it a little complicated. Ninja, on the other hand, is extremely simple and manageable to use. Therefore, the answer goes to only you and your knowledge of the technology.


In conclusion, there are many different ways you can juice vegetables and fruits, but are all of them beneficial? Some of them lose the nutrition that is the most important part of juicing. Some of them cost too much and will make you waste your money because let us be honest, you are not going to use a juicer every single day.

Hopefully, we helped you find one product that you will use regularly and not dust on your counter.

Like we already said, the right and the best choice is Vitamix. Moreover, the best Vitamix blenders for juicing are A2300 and E310, ones that have a powerful motor that is strong enough to give you the perfect consistency liquid.