Best Tribest Slow Masticating Juicer for Celery Juice


Today I will be discussing 5 outstanding twin gear juicers Green Star according to efficiency, usability, and facilities.

This double gear juicer is exactly what users prefer. The juicers extract the fiber and juice from a fruit or vegetable that none other juicers can do.

The triturating juicer is the best compared with other juicers, but not all double gear juicers are perfect. Anyone can get confused knowing so many brands manufactured the same juicers. But a few can maintain the quality.

Even the product is constructionally stronger, durable than a normal juicer. Moreover, it is a great handy machine for cooks and health-conscious people. So, understanding how effectively the gadgets work, I have picked up different juicer brands. Therefore, anyone can choose the right product depending on their needs.

Best Tribest Slow Masticating Juicer For Celery Juice

Best Tribest Slow Masticating Juicer for Celery Juice

#1. Tribest Cold Press Masticating Slow Juicer

Tribest twin gear Juicer is the world’s most efficient and prominent food processor. Using the juicer, users can get healthy fresh juice daily after work out. The juicer is super active and offers comfort to busy users.

However, Tribest machines are always quality and manufactured with high technology. Moreover, food processors come with great features:

Made With Advanced Technology

  • The juicer is a bio-ceramic magnetic double gear juicer that extracts fruits or vegetables and gives pure juice.
  • Twin gear allows the machine to pressurize and work fast.
  • The gear of the juicer is stainless steel and a hard one.
  • The teeth of the gear design with pocket recesses to cut smoothly hard vegetables.

Besides, the juicer has a reverse option to prevent jumping. During operating the machine, it gets heated a bit, but it is absolutely fine.

Tribest Juicer GSE-5000

Maintain The Nutrition Value – The juicer separates the liquid and substance after extraction. So it is shown in research that after juicing by this process, still nutrition value is reserved. Moreover, users can reuse the residue and make more delicious food.

There is no way of wasting food and can have more vitamins and minerals. The process of the extraction of the juice is first cutting and then crushing. Then presses to eject liquid juice. These three vital processes keep vitamins without losing.

Easy Operating And Installation – The full package comes with essential equipment. It includes a juice pitcher, plastic plunger, wooden plunger, cleaning brush, etc. The installation and cleaning of the juicer are easy. Apart from this, the machine fully runs with electric power 110 rmp. The juicer requires a hand press of fruits or veggies to juice into liquid.

So, it takes minimum time to extract hard veggies. But cutting veggies into small pieces makes the juicing quick.

Overall, Tribest Juicer GSE-5000 is affordable and efficient for busy working and health-conscious people. Drinking the fresh, healthy, and pure juice Tribest Greenstar twin gear juicer is the best investment.


  • Comes with necessary tools for installation.
  • Bio-ceramic magnetic and Stainless steel double gear.
  • Prevent wasting food.
  • Maintain the full nutrition value.
  • Adjustable pressure and contains a reverse function.


  • The machine is bulky and slower processing of juicing.

#2. Tribest Jumbo Twin Gears Juice Extractor

Tribest Pro Jumbo Juicer is specially designed to juice fresh veggies or fruit in the quickest possible time. The cold hand press extract fruits and eject juice in a separate jar.

Usually, the manufacturer of the juicer marketed quality products to its users. They ensure product efficiency, durability, and longevity. So, have a look at the features below:

Equipped With High Technology The Tribest company makes all products with extra care and efficiency.

The juicer’s body is plastic, and the creation of the gear is bioceramic and Magnetic featured. That expands the gears and durability’s life—the pocket recesses of the gear help to cut and extract the pulp.

Even the product comes with all the essential tools for settings—the hand cold press option helps enter all veggies to go inside one by one. Besides, the reverse option offers control of jumping during juicing.

Supply Health And Nutritious Juice – Juicing with the Tribest Jumbo Juice GS- P502, users don’t need to strain their fruit liquid. The twin gear juicer firstly cuts and squeeze the fruits to produce juice. So, all minerals and nutrition are preserved in the juice. It is a beneficiary for working people. They can maintain a healthy diet with fresh and pure juice.

Even the remaining after extraction, users can make delicious food with that. Moreover, the company has made it a dual purpose. Users can use it for both commercial and home purposes.

Tribest Jumbo Twin Gears GS-P502

Serves For Long Period – It is ensured to service for a long period. The juicer is equipped with two gear to last long and be durable even good maintenance can lead to extending its life.

Besides, a user has to be more careful during cleaning. Fruit particles can block the gear edge and ejection tubes. So, cut the veggies or fruit into pieces to make fast juicing and less pressure on the juicer.

During cleaning, a user can find it a tough job. Because the pulps enter into corners, it is challenging to deep clean. But overall, it is an excellent product for home use and quickest extraction.


  • Manufactured with bioceramic and Magnetic featured.
  • Extract a wide variety of veggies and fruits.
  • Keeps the juice fresh for a long time and nutritious.
  • Offers easy settings and cleaning of juicer parts.
  • The reverse function ensures safety.


  • Corners and Screens are difficult to deep clean.

#3. Green Power Twin Gear Juicer

Samson is a well-known brand for making electronic products. One of their high demanding items is a twin gear juicer. The product is manufactured for multi-purpose tasks. But it can make juice efficiently and separate the remaining parts. Moreover, the product is designed with advanced technology that maintains quality. To an even more extent, the item’s life and durability. The other features of the items are:

Multi-Purpose Workability -The double auger juicers are usually used for juicing or extracting fruits for fresh juice. But it can perform many more with a single machine. It can grind grains, nuts, and coffee beans besides juicing fruits.

All kinds of soft or hard veggies and fruits can be extracted on the juicer. And the juicer has three different holes of ejection for different food extraction. With the pulp, one can reuse to prepare some delicious food. However, it requires extra tools for different services. It is not included with the product, though.

Easy Cleaning And Maintenance – All necessary tools for installation are provided with the juicer. There is a manual, and it is easy to set them. Users can lose the tools and clean them separately. This juicer cleaning is quite straightforward, and no particles are left on other parts of the juicers.

Apart from this, the machine runs at 160 rpm rotation speed. But it can produce fresh liquid if the users show patience. Overall, the materials used to construct the juicer can run for many years. Besides, good maintenance can lead to more longevity.

Manufactured and Quality – The different parts of the juicer are made with different materials. The gears and internal tools are manufactured with stainless steel. The gears involve extract. The main body is made with Bio-Ceramic Technology and Magnetic.

The machine does not produce any heat during operating. But there is no safe option on the juicer still manageable.

With the juice, a user can utilize the juicer for multi-purpose. A user can get more benefits by purchasing the product. Apart from slower working, it is the right item.


  • Extracts various types of veggies, fruits, herbs, wheatgrass, etc.
  • Produce no heat during juicing.
  • The product included all important tools, DVDs and manuals.
  • Made with Bio-Ceramic Technology and Magnetic elements.
  • It provides durability and expands the life of the product.


  • The lower speed of extraction slows the entire process.

#4. Tribest Twin Gear Cold Press Masticating Juice Extractor

Greenstar is a famous brand in manufacturing electronics applications. They provide high technology with prominent feature items.

The designer made it a cold press double gear juicer for quick extraction with lower electric power. However, users can drink and store fresh juice with all nutrition with the juicer.

Save Energy Power – The machine runs a lower speed of 110 rpm. It consumes less electric power. It takes time to extract juice, though, but it works perfectly and efficiently. Moreover, installation, operating, and cleaning require less effort. See the manual to install the machine. There is all the info on maintaining the juicer as well.

Even the cleaning of the juicer is also easy. The gears and ejection hole must be clean carefully. No particle or dirt should be there. Otherwise, it can affect the juicer’s performance.

Offers A Easy LifeStyle – It sounds odd that a machine is offering a comfortable life. But it is true, and a perfect applicant can ensure a good lifestyle. The purpose of the juicer is not the only extraction of fruits. It ensures the nutrition of fruits and vegetables after juicing.

So, a user can get fresh and pure juice after a workout. Even this juicer can be used for more food to process. It offers grinding, extraction, etc., with minimum time. So, a user can give attention to other work. It is a double of a normal juicer or blender.

Constructively Robust – It is manufactured and designed with high technology. The bio-ceramic and Magnetic technology expands the life of the juicer. Even more, it makes the juicer robust, viable, and effective.

The pocket recesses are harder and help to extract veggies. It can cut, grind, and extract all types of veggies and fruits.

The product is going to be a big investment for many users. But it is quite a good quality and efficient product. Compatible for personal use


  • Rotate at 110 rpm low speed but provide fresh pulp-free juice.
  • The vitamins and minerals are preserved fully after juicing.
  • The juicer can be turned into a multi-tasking kitchen tool.
  • It includes cleaning and installation tools.
  • The product is enduring and reliable.


  • No additional tools are provided for other jobs and are costly.

#5. Green Power Twin Gear Juicer

Green Power twin gear juicers come with greater versatility. The machine has multi-purpose workability. It preserves the full nutrition of juice, and the juice can be stored in the jar for 72 hours. The cold hand press makes it easier for many users.

Moreover, the design and the materials used to manufacture are innovative. The details of the features are given below:

Provides Full Accessories – The package comes with a full installation set. A user has to fix all tools before operating. The juices are also used for other works like grinding beans, baby food processing, etc. For that, extra tools are needed. The juicers extract a wide variety of herbs, veggies, and fruits.

Moreover, the machine is equipped with three holes for grinding, juicing, and crushing. Two tempers, wooden and plastic for pressing, also included. One jar and a cleaning brush come with the packet.

Versatility And Durability – The juicer rotates at 160 rpm in a slower mood, so it consumes less electric supply. But it extracts the juice efficiently and adequately. Furthermore, the gears are made with stainless steel Magnetic materials. The twin gear can apply double force for quick juicing.

Evermore, Bio-Ceramic technology expands it’s life and makes it durable. The manufacturer provides the longest life expectancy of their juicers. It is a great applicant for personal use.

Easy Maintenance – Mainly the machiners are dishwasher safe. So, the parts of the juicer can be deep cleaning after utilization. Before using the juicer, the gears and holes must be cleaned properly so the pulp ejects without interruption.

Moreover, if the gear is cleaned, it can work fast. Even the gears and internal parts will be odor-free. One tip should be given here. The hard veggies or fruits are cut into pieces before juicing. It will make juicing quick.

Overall, it is active, and tools are durable and last long. Proper use and good management can make their services efficiently.


  • Preserve the extracted juicer for longer and nutritious.
  • The juicer has multi-purpose usability.
  • The gears rotate at 160 rpm slower speed.
  • Additional tools like a handle, jar, cleaning brush, etc., are included.
  • Manufacturers ensure permanency and longevity.


  • Not effective for squeezing juice properly.

Buyers Guide of Tribest Slow Masticating Juicer for Celery Juice

Twin juicer is equipped with dual gear and works with an electric supply. This juicer is different than a normal juicer that extracts fruits, veggies, and beans and provides fresh pulp. Some twin juicers can perform multi work. Even the price is also higher than normal juicers.

So, it is a large scale investment for anyone. Besides, the process of pulping to juice is a bit slow process. But don’t lose patience. The outcome after juicing is amazing. However, for anyone thinking of having any of the twin gear products, the detailed information is here. Considers below factors before purchasing:

  • Tube Size

The feeder size of the twin gear juicer is very important. The feeder tube is used to put veggies or fruits inside for juicing. Some juicers contain a small feeder size and some a large tube size.

So, make sure which one is good for you. If your purchased juicer has a small size tube, cut the veggies into small shape. Then put it inside the feeder for extraction. It will make juicing faster as well.

  • Ejection Of Pulp

The tube of ejection has three different nozzles of the tube to provide juice. A separate jar is also provided with a juicer set. For multi-purpose use, the tube has to be different.

Even the fresh fiber-free juice supply depends on the speed of the juice. The fast the juicer can extract fruits, the less pulp has any fiber. Before buying, check the rotation of the gears.

  • Cleaning And Maintenance

Electric applicants require careful maintenance. Otherwise, the machine won’t work properly. Usually, the gears, jar, and tube have to be cleaned very well. On the manual of each juicer, there is a safety instruction and cleaning process.

Follow the instructions for better service. After cleaning, the parts of the juicers have to dry. If the tools are wet, the juicers can spark while plugging in.

  • Nutrition Fact

The vitamins of juices usually break down after extraction in normal juice. But twin gear juicer ensures the full nutrition of pulp. After successful juicing, the liquid can be stored at a cool temperature for 72 hours.

Whereas a normal juicer can store 12 to 24 hours, even more, the juice doesn’t suck air during juicing and produces less foam. But a normal juicer sucks air during juicing and make the juice frothy.

  • Efficiency

In twin gear juicers, the speed is less important because it completes its job successfully. So, users can make juice of any veggies and fruits. Some juices extract more like beans, wheatgrass, etc. And some juicers can grind, extract, etc., the beans and veggies. So, be sure while buying juicers.

  • Dimension and Noise

The juicers are bulky and heavy than a common juicer. The gears and body parts are excess than other juicers. So, it can be an issue for new users. Besides, the juicers doest produce too much noise like a blender.


What Can Be Juiced In The Twin Gear Juicer?

-Well, almost all types of veggies and fruits users want to drink can be juiced in the machine. Usually, soft and small veggies or fruits take a shorter time to extract. It is better to cut the veggies into pieces to get fresh quince juice. For example, carrot.

Do Masticating Juicer Is Higher Quality Juicer Than Lower Price Juicer?

Yes! The masticating juicers are made with higher technology with a special design. The machines use an innovative process of juicing anything. Even it provides fresh and pure juice without fiber. That advantage cannot be found on one gear, normal juicers.

Would The Twin Gear Juicer Be Used For Commercial Purposes?

The juicers are mainly designed for personal use only. The juicers serve best for athletes, sportspeople, dietary control people. The purpose of the juicer is to produce 100% pure chemical-free juice after a long tiring day. It depends on different brand products, though, whether the manufacturer allows it or not.

Is the juicer dishwasher safe?

The juicers are completely dishwasher safe. Even the juicers need a deep clean after using. The handle, pitcher, gear etc., require special cleaning. After utilizing the machine, open the parts and soak for a few minutes in a dishwasher. Then clean carefully so no dirt can be on the juicer.

Does the juicer offer nutritious juice?

It is believed that the masticating juicers offer the juice containing full nutrition because there is no option for wasting the vitamins. In normal juicers, the users need to strain the juice for drinking fiberless liquid. So, half of the vitamins are wasted in this process. But the twin gear juicers produce strained fresh juice and then peeled off leftover stored other places.

Bottom Lines

Now you know everything about twin gears juicer and different brands. So, you have to choose which one is best for you. Tribest GSE 5000 is the best, depending on efficiency, usability, and price. Tribest GS-P502 is the premier choice, but it is a bit expensive.

However, the other three juicers are also outstanding, super performance, and affordable. Apart from this, before purchasing any branded twin juicer, read the buyer’s guide carefully. It will navigate to the standard juicer.