What Is The Best Blender for Bartending in 2021


Are you trying to become a bartender, or maybe you already are, does not really matter? The truth is you need the best bar blender for that we are here to help you.

Most of the time, while bartending,  you have to make all kinds of drinks and frozen cocktails. The only way you can achieve that is by finding a high-quality blender with multiple programs and high durability.

Numerous brands claim their blender will do everything you want and need to, but everybody knows that is not true. To prove that, let us take a little guide listing all of the features that make the best blender for bartending.

Best Blender For Bartending

Buying Guide: Best Blender For Bartending


Before we start, let us say, what are the most crucial features to look at. As we already said, the best blender for a bar has multiple programs. Professional blenders come with five pre-programmed settings, each of them is for smoothies, frozen food, desserts, hot soups, and purees.


Blenders get made from different materials, and because you need one for a bar, it beneficial is to choose a blender made from thick glass or metal. Even though metal is loud and is inconvenient, it will do its job and be more durable than any other blender.


To make sure you have something permanent and highly functional, you also have to keep motor power in mind. The higher the power blender has, the better it will work, which means the better liquids it will give you.

In general, if you want to purchase a real professional blender, you have to know that they are pretty powerful, around 1200 to 1500 watts.


One of the things you might not think is important, but in reality, is vital, is the book full of ideas. Professional blenders come with a manual, including over 200 recipes and creative ideas. Maybe it will give you new concepts for your menu.

The best blender for bartending

Ninja BN701 Professional Plus Blender

This ninja BN701 professional plus blender with auto IQ gets comprised of four pieces: The base, the pitcher, the stacked blade assembly, and the pitcher lid. On the bottom is the main control panel, which features an on-off button along with three auto IQ presets for different tasks. It includes an ice crush mode which gets intended for making frozen drinks such as margaritas and daiquiris. What is better than that when you are looking for the best blender for a bar?

Even though it has so many different modes blending is not so hard. You can insert all the ingredients, hit the power button, and select the auto IQ smoothie preset. After that, you can sit back and relax until it comes to a complete stop automatically. The total time it needs to blend is a little over one minute. 

Overall this blender is one of the best on the market, it certainly blends smoothies well and seems solidly built. 


  • Ton of Power and removable blade easy to clean
  • Powerful enough; my wife make smoothies with ice cubes and frozen cranberries, and it hasn’t had any troubles so far
  • The design and pouring mechanism are nice
  • Use to make protein smoothies with fruits vegetables


  • Sometimes the lid gets stuck when closing
  • It is louder that’s why I get afraid if it make any disterbance to my housemates.

Hamilton Beach Quiet Blender 1500W

Hamilton Beach sound shield 950 blenders with quiet blend technology should be 55 percent more silent than a traditional blender. This technology keeps noise levels low so you can keep the conversation going in the bar while mixing margaritas.

Another feature is a motor fan and rubber jar pad, which get designed to muffle sounds while they work, but the supposed features do not stop it from keeping quiet. 

The blender has a power of 950, which is excellent for smoothies, drinks, hummus, and more. It crushes ice with a stainless steel blade at five speeds with pulse give you complete control in 3 pre-programmed settings blend to the desired results with just the push of a button.

Even with all of these great features, the low cost comes with a price! The blender base might be durable, but many customers have complained that the blenders’ jar is fragile, and after a couple of months using, it starts leaking.

The reason why the blender should be one of the kind as already mentioned, is quite a blend technology, but how it works is under the question, it might reduce some noise, but not as much you would expect.


  • Sturdy, stable and powerful
  • Simplified operation
  • Easy to clean.


  • Sometimes feel little oil/lubricant smell
  • I guss the cover is not good, the opereation sound come outside of the blender.

Ninja BL610 Professional Countertop Blender

The thing you will notice about this blender right off the bat is just the size of the jar itself. It can hold up to 72 ounces or two liters which is a lot of portions, especially if you need this blender for a bar. 

The blender has a couple of speeds, low, medium, and high. Of course, it has a pulse function where you can control the speed of the chopping.

The other nice feature about this blender is if the lid becomes loosened, there is a safety feature built-in that will not allow you to blend because those blades are sharp. So that is a great feature that will not allow you to blend unless your top is locked in.

It comes with the recipe book from the Ninja, which has a few recipes for dips, smoothies, frozen treats, soups anything, you might need for the bar.

Are you wondering why the blender performs so well despite being a budget item? The device is well-built and paired with a base and blade, which both have plenty of power. On the other hand, the jar gets made with poor plastic, which breaks easily.

Ninja BL660 Professional Countertop Blender

The Ninja is 1100 watts, and is 17 inches tall, which might not fit under some lower kitchen cabinets, but if you are looking for bar blenders, you are good to go. 

The pitcher holds 72 ounces and gets made out of plastic. The two single-serve containers also get built out of plastic, which in most cases, means it will not endure for a long time. But fortunately, all the plastic is BPA-free. 

The single-serve container has one blade, and the 72-ounce container has six stacked blades. The Ninja has three different speeds, a single-serve button, and a pulse button.

Six stacked blades on the spindle are sharp, so you need to be careful. The most convenient thing is that all of the parts are dishwasher safe. Sometimes it does not matter what you do wash blender in the dishwasher or by hand with hot soap. Plastic it gets made from usually breaks very easily. So, before you purchase, make sure you know that all of these great features and the small price comes with consequences.

In conclusion, if you look past the low material quality, the Ninja blender is one of the best choices.

Waring Commercial BB155 Blender

If you are buying a blender for your business, you need a high-quality product. As you already know, the finest blenders cost a lot, and Waring Commercial’s product is not an exception either.  

If you decide to spend money on these blenders, you will not regret it. 

Waring Commercial BB155 has three-quarter power motors that make these blenders the powerhouse of any bar business can handle whatever your customers order powering through tough jobs like crushing ice instantly with no problem.

The problem you might run into when using this blender, especially in the bar, is that you have to hold the unit’s handle securely while blending. It does not come with hands-off blending.

What needs to be said is that this blender gets made from plastic, but on the other hand, it gets made from BPA free heavyweight plastic, and you will notice at first glance that it will not crack or break.

Waring Commercial bar blenders are recommended for up to 25 drinks a day crush ice in seconds without slowing down for excellent frozen margaritas and all the traditional and even customized bar drinks.

Waring Commercial BB300S Blender

Waring Commercial BB300S can make up to 50 cocktails a day, which means it is one of the best choices for bartending. 

Even though making this many cocktails is excellent for business, it means you have to clean it again and again. The blender you choose has to get cleaned easily, and BB300S is unusual in that aspect too. It has a removable jar pad, the best way for cleaning. While we are on the subject of the jar, it needs to get said that it gets made from metal. Even though metals are highly durable and do their job for even years, they are very loud and powerful.

Imagine the sound of a blender powering over every sound in the bar. Who wants that, right?

Another thing you might find a little inconvenient is it does not make any difference what cocktail you decide to make in this blender, it will still separate the ice to the top and then twirls the liquid at the base. 

The only way you can stop it is you have to mix the left ingredients with your spoon because the blender does not come with a tamping tool.

BioloMix Heavy Duty Professional Blender

If you were thinking of getting a Ninja or a Bullet Blender but do not have enough money, Hamilton Beach blender is an exceptional choice. It only costs around 15 bucks, but that comes with consequences. You have to keep using the plunger to press the frozen fruit down, down, down and work hard to get the blades to cut up the frozen fruit and to mix all the ingredients together, which can be a little hard, especially when you are working at the bar and need to do a couple of things altogether.

The great thing about this blender is that it will grind some beans, maybe for some nachos or for trying different types of recipes.

In idea 1500W is excellent because it can work on any harsh ingredients, but when you want to buy something so powerful, you have to know that those blenders are pretty loud compared to other brands.

People get scared of low prices because they think it comes with low quality, while in some cases, it might be accurate, but BioloMix comes with high quality, BPA-free plastic. This blender gets highly recommended for someone who wants to save money but wants to buy an exceptional product.


In conclusion, because you need to find the best bar blender, you have to decide what you want: Durability or saving money.

If you want to buy something quickly for your bar and are on the budget better choice for you is Hamilton Beach.

On the other hand, if you want to buy one blender that will work on point for months and you will pay as much as it takes for it, then try Ninja or Waring blenders.

Hopefully, this review helped you with your choice.