What Is The Best Blender for Bariatric Patients in 2021


If you just had bariatric surgery and want to find the best blender for bariatric patients, you are at the right place.

In general, Bariatric surgery changes the anatomy of the stomach and small intestines, which helps you lose weight.

The hard part of the operation is recovery when the only thing you can devour is liquid. On the full-fluid diet, you will be consuming liquids that are rich in protein and low in sugar.

The fundamental concern is that these liquids have to have the consistency of milk, for which you are going to need the best blender for gastric bypass.

Best Blender For Bariatric Patients

Buying Guide: Best Blender For Bariatric Patients

Remember, the purpose of the pureed diet is to help train your stomach and ease your body into whole foods. It will also allow for proper healing after surgery. On the other hand, hydration is crucial after surgery. The signs of dehydration might include headache, nausea, and dark urine. Because of that, you may need to be creative with exploring options to reach your fluid goal. Therefore, the blender you decide to buy should be able to turn your favorite vegetables and fruit into watery liquid. For a variety of choices, it is perfect if blander can make different types of smoothies, soups, or even ice-creams.

Another important thing regarding your blender is its durability. For some people, bariatric surgery post-operation diet continues from 2 to 6 months. Could you imagine how many smoothies you have to make for six months? Therefore, your blender needs to be durable, which will be on the point for at least a year and will not provide you with a hard-textured smoothie.

No one can argue that the most valuable part of any blender is its motor power. For them to do their job perfectly, blenders need to have high power. Higher motor power is, the better blender will work, and the better liquids they will deliver. In general, the power of different blenders varies from 500 to 200 watts, but a real professional blender will be 1200 to 1500 watts.

If you want your blender to have all of those listed features, such as high durability and different blender options, the best thing to do is buy one that will get made from material suited for you. For example, plastic jars tend to be more durable, while glass jars blend food that plastic can not. Also, even though metal jars do not hold the smell and are durable, they are extremely loud. Hence, the choice is yours.

The best blender for bariatric patients

Ninja Personal Blender for Shakes

If you decide to buy a Ninja blender, there are a couple of things you need to know about them.

Ninja’s blending technology contains the pro extractor blades that quickly break down whole fruits and veggies to create nutrient extractions.

The Ninja blender comes with a 700-watt motor base which is compact and will fit perfectly on your countertop. The best thing is that 700 watts are powerful enough to crush frozen fruit and harsh ingredients.

The convenience of Ninja blender gets created by single serve-to-go cups. You can blend your drinks directly in these cups. These cups will also fit easily in your car’s cup holder for a quick grab while running errands, so you do not get dehydrated. 

Even though, in general, blender gets made from excellent materials, this particular blender has a design flaw. It only comes with one rubber gasket to seal the cups while blending. The blender itself might not get damaged for years, but the gasket might get destroyed after a couple of weeks.

In conclusion, the blender is a kitchen essential for not only bariatric patients but also for anyone interested in a healthy diet.

Ninja Nutri Pro Blender

This blender is one of the best ones on the market. It comes with a super powerful 900-watt motor base which is compact and powerful.

Ninja blender pro has different blending options. You can choose from two auto programs or manual blends.

Auto is a Ninja technology that makes Ninja Pro compact a unique product. It regulates the motor speed of the performance and has pausing and pulsing patterns to guarantee you get the ideal outcome every time.

The smoothie auto program is perfect if you are looking to make a breakfast smoothie, but you are in a rush.

Another great thing about the Ninja brand is the fact that they come with an inspiration guide. It will help you find some great ideas to make your diet more diverse. 

Ninja also provides helpful tips such as how to best load your blender with ingredients so you can achieve the best results.

The only downside it might have is a short lifespan. After a couple of months, it might start making a loud noise, and it might have a remaining smell.

In general, This blander gets highly recommended for bariatric patients.

NutriBullet ZNBF30400Z Blender

This combo blender will save you some counter space if you make smoothies a lot. You will not need the smaller bullet style blender, and a large blender NutriBullet is two in one. 

With this package, you get one base and two cups for on-the-go blending and two cups with the handle, so it is easy to make your smoothies on the go and drink it without a big mess.

Regarding the assembly, make sure the blade is twisted tightly to the vessel. If not, the contents may leak into the power base cavity.

The best thing about this blender is that it will shut off automatically because it knows when the contents are completely blended. Additionally, it is much quieter than the other blenders.

The issue you might run into is its low durability, or if you ever had a Nutribullet before, none of these pieces can get mixed and matched with them because the shapes are completely different.

Typically, most of the time, blenders have a difficult time blending leaves, and after, you will see bits and pieces of the particles, but this blender will make a creamy smooth consistency smoothie.

Portable Personal Size Blenders

The Scoozer portable mini personal blender is a USB rechargeable personal blender and can hold about 11 ounces of liquid. Typically, this might be the best choice for bariatric patients. You can take a blender anywhere to stay hydrated.

It is perfect for shakes and smoothies, but not necessarily to grind things. The blade, of course, is a baby blade, and it is 60 watts and only has a voltage of about 7.4 blenders, so it is very unfair if we will compare this to a Ninja or a Nutribullet.

It has a small grip which makes it anti-slip, which is an excellent feature for portable blenders. It also comes with a detachable juice cup, so you can blend it anywhere and have a smoothie anytime.

In idea, this blander is astonishing, but because it is a highly electrical product and only works with the standard android charging cable, you might run into some problems.

Furthermore, the blander has a problem with is its durability and can get damaged after a couple of weeks.


In today’s world, you might struggle to find the best blender for after bariatric surgery. There are numerous different blenders on the market, with various materials and possibilities.

In my personal opinion, the perfect blenders get made by Ninja. This one has high motor power, is ideal for crushing frozen food, and most importantly, can extract hidden nutrition from fruits and vegetables. Those features are crucial for bariatric patients.

Hopefully, this review helped you find the right product that will serve you perfectly for a very long time!