What is the Best Budget Masticating Juicer


Aicok may not be a very well-known brand to some people. Some brands make their remarks by the products they come with. This has been the case for this company.

The juicers they made so far are very top-quality. I have so much to say, so many great features to speak about if you are willing to stay tuned. You can decide whether these devices do the job correctly or not, once you go through this Masticating juicer review.

I will also be answering some important questions regarding these machines. So, read on to make a great buying decision.

There are a lot of benefits that come to mind. But, let’s go through them briefly for now. With an Aicok slow juicer, you will get tasty and fresh juice. And there will be minimized oxidation. It can extract juice from leafy green as well. Moreover, there will be no chemicals at all in the juice.

These juicers are amazingly quiet during juicing. What’s more, you get awesome nutritious value all the time. Furthermore, you get maximum juice; thanks to its incredible extracting capacity.

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Best budget masticating juicer

5 best budget masticating juicer 2021

Masticating juicers are more fun to have around. And if it’s an Aicok juicer, then you will be getting the best quality juices with it. Here are our top 3 picks. Check them out.

Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor

This Aicok juice extractor comes with all the magic its predecessors had, only better this time. They have made some improvements in this model. Therefore, it will require a few more bucks than the old ones. But it will be worth every penny. You won’t find such cool features with other models in this price range.

The affordability with the product provides is pleasantly surprising. If you have any idea about the prices other slow juicers have, you would know what I mean. Now, this amazingly cheap device comes with a spiral system having seven segments. With this in place, there will be no fruit cells that will be left alone.

So, you can imagine the maximized nutritional value this juicer is offering. And it will give rise to minimized oxidation. We are talking about 80 RPM speed over here. Besides, you will have 10% added nutrition growth. Moreover, there won’t be much friction or heat with this juicer.

What I also liked about it is that, its motor remains quite close. There’s one suggestion that I want to put forward for you. Keeping the juicer running for too long with one go isn’t a cool idea. Doing so will reduce its durability. If you want it to benefit you for long, keep the using time below 20 minutes.

I was pleased with the quality of the juice that it makes. You will find remarkably lesser pulp with it. Also, the juicer creates it dry.

What’s great about slow juicers like this is that you get extra enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients preserved by them. If you want to store the glass of delight in your freezer, you can go ahead.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Very quiet
  • Minimum pulp
  • Anti-clogging technology


  • Cleaning the strainer takes time

Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer With Quiet Motor

Let’s talk about another tremendous masticating juicer. The manufacturers have made it amazingly compact that forces you to admire it the moment you see it. We are dealing with a one-touch operation with this model. You will find the device to be quite useful in extracting fruits as well as vegetables.

Be it carrot, ginger, wheatgrass, or leafy greens; our juicer has no problem in doing it all. What I found fascinating about this juicer’s grinding technique is that it preserves an incredible amount of nutrients and enzymes from fruits and vegetables.

If it weren’t a slow juicer, you wouldn’t have got such number of enzymes and nutrients. For, fast juicers kill most of these.

Another great benefit this Aicok juicer extractor brings forth is that it doesn’t annoy you with noise. You will be astonished at how this machine does the job so quietly. We are talking about 60 dB or less.

I was impressed with the filter of this unit. You can have the purest, rich, and highly nutritious juice with it. Also, it prevents froth build-ups. And there will be less pulp too. What’s more, you will have the pulp dry, thus not ruining the freshness of the taste much.

The juicer will provide you with an enhanced shelf life. Therefore, you can store the juice for a long time, and when you drink it, the taste is going to be as impressive as it was at first.

Moreover, they have done a great job with its build. I liked the fact that they didn’t go with anything other than a food-grade material. And they have made it so safe to use that even your children can make juice with it.


  • Incredibly compact
  • Good looking and sturdily built
  • Takes less space
  • Increased extraction of juice


  • Small feeding tube

Aicok Slow Masticating, Cold Press Juicer Machine

Care for a glass of cold delight? Well, we are about to review a slow masticating juicer that can bring you such deliciousness. This unit has the best time when you present soft vegetables or fruits to it. The 80 RPM machine will chew through the fruits once you put them in its mouth.

I love the way it provided me with glasses full of yum without giving rise to much heat or froth. If you want the maximum number of intact enzymes and vitamins in your juice, you should get this unit. For, it doesn’t reduce them a bit in the process of juice making. Besides, the juice tastes wonderfully fresh.

The way it offers you such great nutritious value is incredible. I loved the slow spin it comes with, which is the reason behind the preservation of the nutrients. It reduces the oxidation level and enhances the nutritional value.

What’s also impressive with this unit is that it operates quietly. The sound it produces never crosses 60 dB. If it were any other centrifugal unit, there would’ve been louder sound for sure.

Another worth mentioning thing about this juicer is that it offers you very easy cleaning. That’s awesome, as juicers usually create a lot of mess. Now, since the Aicok slow juicer parts are dishwasher safe, cleaning shouldn’t be a big deal.

What’s more, you won’t see such an easy to assemble device much often, thanks to the filter and auger integrated design it comes with. And when it comes to extracting juice from the fruits, you will be amazed at its efficiency. However, it doesn’t get along with hard vegetables much well.

You want this juicer when you feel like drinking a glass of orange or apple juice. For, it makes them suitable.


  • Provides great nutritious value
  • Easy to assemble and clean
  • Quiet
  • Affordable


  • Cleaning the filter is time-consuming

Aicok Ultra 1000W Power Juicer

If you want to see an extremely powerful Aicok centrifugal juicer that will make juice making fun and easy, you’ve got to check out this dual-speed model. A 1000W motor will make sure that the device doesn’t have any problem with extracting fruits. So, you need this juicer if you like juices of hard fruits.

Another benefit of having a powerful motor around is that you can prepare the juice in no time. Also, it makes sure that the juice is healthy for you by preserving nutrients. This model is for folks who cannot stand foaming and clogging. They need to go for this juicer to have the juice as fresh as ever.

The machine comes with dual-speed settings. You will get an option that offers 12,000-14,000 RPM, while the other one provides 16,000-18,000 RPM. With such speed options, you shouldn’t have any problem in using the juicer to extract juice, no matter how hard the fruits are.

Another feature I would like to mention is the mesh filter basket it comes with. With this in place, juicing becomes more fun. Moreover, there’s a stainless-steel blade in place that will make sure that you benefit from the machine for a long time.

The number of vitamins and minerals the juicer preserves are outstanding. Now, one of the best features the unit has is the feed chute. I was amazed at the extra 3-inch width it offers. You can place the fruit without slicing in its mouth, and the juicer will take it from there. Tell me if that’s not convenient!

Also, it features an anti-drip function. Thus, you won’t have to waste even a drop of juice with this in place. After lifting the spout, no juice will come out.


  • Extremely powerful motor
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Less foam
  • Easy cleaning and assembly


  • Noisy

Aicok Juice Extractor With Wide Mouth

Here’s another classy masticating juicer machine. The way it makes vegetable juice so efficiently is outstanding. It makes you go for juices all the time rather than eating the vegetables.

Moreover, I loved the affordability it offers. If you want to save time in juicing, there will be very few options out there that will be as great as it.

You don’t get to see such incredibly wide spout with juicers much often. Place a whole bunch of fruits and vegetables in it if you like, it will accommodate them comfortably. And its 400W motor will make sure that you get the best quality juice out of it.

I loved the long blades you will find in this model. With these in place, the quality of juice extracting becomes too great. You will have the maximum amount of juice extracted from the fruits. What’s more, there will be very little pulp and foam, if any. And you can accommodate it without any hassle.

The juicer comes with minimum power consumption. Thus, you can save a lot of electricity. Centrifugal units are so popular, thanks to this incredible feature they offer. With other devices, you would’ve been spending a lot more on the electricity than this.

I appreciated the compactness it comes with the moment I laid my eyes on it. And the stainless-steel construction made me like it even more. With such build, you can rest assured that it won’t break so easily. There will be minimal damage following any accidental fall.

So, if you are always in a rush and want a juicer that will make the most delicious glass of juice for you with little pulp and foam, you need to buy this one.


  • Affordable
  • Time-saving
  • Wide spout allows whole fruits
  • Extra juice with little foam


  • Difficult to clean

Aicok Wide Mouth Juicer (Dual Speed Setting)

This is another incredibly quiet commercial masticating juicer. It comes with great functionality. If you are looking for a device that will offer value for money, this is the one you want to go for. The quiet and upgraded motor the juicer comes with will certainly make you love it.

The sound it produces will never exceed 60 dB. Therefore, you will have a calm and noise-free environment, even during the juicing. It’s a great benefit since juicers have a reputation of being annoyingly loud. Most of the centrifugal units out there do not let people in the house sleep peacefully.

Another great feature it offers is the anti-drip function. There will be no more wasting of the juice, thanks to this. The spout will close the opening through which the liquid comes out, once you lift it. Moreover, there are non-slip rubber feet in place. Therefore, the juicer won’t have too many accidental falls.

A juicer with dual-speed settings always makes a great possession. It has separate speed settings for hard and soft fruits as well as vegetables. If it’s a hard fruit, you will find the 15,000-18,000 RPM setting to be more suitable. And the 12,000-15,000 RPM one will be best for softer fruits.

There’s a 3-inch feed chute in place. With such great width, there’s no need for slicing the fruits anymore. You can place the fruit in its mouth, and it will extract the juice very efficiently. Tell me if that’s not time-saving! It will let you enjoy the sweetness of the fruits without making much effort.

So, if you want maximum nutrition with a juicer that will make juice fast and fresh, you have a great option right in front of you.


  • Food-grade stainless steel construction
  • Great with both hard and soft fruits
  • Anti-drip function prevents any wastage
  • Easy to clean


  • No safety locking

How To Choose The Masticating Juicer?

Here we will talk about the things you need to keep in mind to select the right product.

Keeping the Expectation in Check

Since we are talking about masticating juicers, you will have to be patient with it at times. In our reviews, we mentioned about some units coming with easy cleanup. But that won’t be the case with every unit. There will be pulp screen cleaning and other maintenance jobs that you will have to go through.

So, you must keep your expectations reasonable. Yes, there are some remarkable features in each of these products. And they will indeed make fantastic juices. But there are drawbacks also. So, set up your priorities first and then look for a model accordingly.


You never know what the future holds for you. It may be that you like a product very much and you go for it. Then, the next thing you know, it ends up getting broken or something. What will you do then? Of course, you will rush to pick up the warranty and talk to the manufacturers.

It’s only natural that a great brand will never shy away from giving an extended warranty. For, it makes the products with a good build and all.

Now, the brand we are talking about here usually is generous when it comes to giving warranty. Check the one it provides for the product you like the most and see if you are okay with it.


There are so many purchases taking place, which we do not consider to be smart. Even if the product ends up being right, that doesn’t mean that you spend a fortune on it without checking your affordability. We need to be practical over here.

Now, when it comes to Aicok, its products usually cost quite similarly. If there’s a unique feature, you can understand if the price becomes a bit high. So, choose a product that suits your budget.


How to use Aicok juicer?

It’s easy. First, cut the fruits into pieces. Then place them into the juicer’s feeder tube. After that, the juicer will take it from there and present you with a soothing cup of juice.

How to clean Aicok juicer?

First, unplug the machine. Then remove all of its parts. Rinse them afterward. Use soap along with water to clean thoroughly. Wipe the unit and dry it in the end.

Where to buy Aicok juicer?

It won’t be a big deal to find a store that sells this juicer. For, Aicok is becoming a famous brand as far as juice makers go. Also, you can buy it online. Many online retailers sell this product.

How to assemble Aicok juicer?

First, you need to attach the juicing bowl to the juicer’s body. Then slice the juicing strainer into a spinning brush. After that, place the spinning brush and strainer assembly to that juicing bowl.
Place the auger in the bowl afterward. Make an alignment of the juicing bowl and feeding chute assembly. Finally, place the juice container beneath the appropriate outlet.

What should I know about the Aicok manufacturer?

You should know that this is an excellent brand for you if you want to save money and get quality products at the same time. We’ve already seen how much appreciation it receives every time it comes with a new product. So yeah, guys over there are pretty good at what they do.

Where are Aicok products made?

They are made in China.

What are the things found in the Aicok juicer instructions?

There are instructions regarding cleaning, assembly, using, etc. Most of the Aicok products come with such instructions.

Aicok juicer vs. Omega; which one’s better?

Aicok juicer is cheaper than that of Omega. But its warranty is nowhere near Omega’s one. Also, Omega juicers can make drinks other than juice, which an Aicok juicer might not be able to do.

Final Words

There you go. That’s the end of our guide. I hope our top juicer reviews have been of some help to you. Now, did you like any product in particular? Hope you did. And if you are still struggling, I would suggest that you go through the pros and cons these juicers have and see if it helps.

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