What is The 12 Volt Blender (2021)


Most of the time, when we talk about blenders, people think about big kitchens and professional culinary, but what about people who travel by van or boat?

The best way to travel and use a blender is to buy a 12-volt blender. Even though they are not as powerful as professional blenders, they cost less and get the job done.

To help you find the best 12v smoothie blender, let us review all of the best options on the market!

12 Volt Blender

Buying Guide of 12 volt blender

There are some features that every blender needs to have, like durable material and unique highlights, but when you are buying a blender for traveling, there are additional features that you need to look at.

For example, let us start with the obvious. When you buy a blender for the boat, you want them to be waterproof and portable. Blender bases typically are not waterproof, but some of them still can handle some water. The glass or metal container and blade assembly are waterproof and dishwasher safe. 

In general, there are three principal materials for blenders: Glass, metal, and plastic. While glass is better for blending textured food, metal is exceptional for durability. On the other hand, both materials are troublesome to move around. Most brands use non-BPA containers, best for lifting, cleaning, and storing.

What is a blender if it does not have sharp blades? One of the reasons why Vitamix is so popular is its blades. They use firm, laser-cut, stainless-steel blades, guaranteeing that every edge is stalwart and unlikely to blunt over time. Of course, the best Vitamix clone blender must have somewhat likely blades.

If your blender has multiple speed choices, consider yourself lucky. The higher the speed blender has unique and multi-profile it is. When you want to make specific things such as mayonnaise, it will not compound at high speed. On the other hand, sharp blades past 17000 RPM are over killers. In ideal circumstances, blenders should have between 3000 to 15000 RMP.­­

The only thing you need to keep in mind is that 12-volt food blenders are weak. They are almost 200 watts, while professional blenders are up to 1500 watts.

Last but not least, you should know that professional blenders come with a book full of ideas. They come with a manual, including over 200 recipes and creative ideas. Maybe it will give you new concepts for your menu.

12-Volt Blender Reviews 2021

Waring Commercial 3.5 HP Blender

The Waring products MX 1000xTX is a heavy-duty blender part of the extremely high power blender series. It will blend all of your favorite drinks, dips, and purees quickly. The blender gets made with a heavy-duty 3.5 horsepower motor and has a removable 64-ounce unbreakable polycarbonate container with a one-piece removable Jar. 

The best thing about this blender is the high-low-off and pulse switches. The motor goes up to 30,000 revolutions per minute. The removable jar is waterproof and dishwasher safe. It is the perfect choice for your boat or even camping.

Most of the time, the biggest problem you will run into with blenders, especially with portable ones, is durability. Many customers have complained that Waring MX 1000xTX breaks easily a couple of months later.

Waring Immersion Blender

12-inch heavy-duty big sticks immersion blender gets ergonomically designed for daily use with stainless steel construction. Throughout, this one horsepower blender has variable speeds for many duties, from light mixing to emulsifying a rubberized grip that provides comfort and stable operation. The removable chef allows for easy cleaning and is dishwasher safe. The stainless steel blade and blade guard provide an extra level of protection and function needed in your professional kitchen.

However, the shape of the blade needs care during hand washing, and the notch responsible for fixing attachments is a bit fragile and can get broken if mishandled.

The worst part about hand blenders is that they are not powerful enough and might not satisfy you after all.

Waring TG15 Tailgater Blender

Do you know what makes the blender best for portable use? This blender plugs into a vehicle’s cigarette lighter for pre-game and other outdoor parties. Additionally, it has 14-foot cord stretches, long, allowing you to blend in deep pots, either on the counter or while camping. 

The blender comes with a 250 watts’ motor that is good enough for your smoothies, whipping cream, omelet, soups, salsa, and dips. It gives you complete freedom to select the blending speed between two intensities, either high or low.

The thing you will notice about this blender right off the bat is just the material of the jar itself. It gets made from metal, which means it is highly durable. On the other hand, it might produce harsh noises, but if you look past it, the blender will last for years.

Waring Commercial BB155 Blender

If you are buying a blender for constant use, you need a high-quality product. As you already know, the finest blenders cost a lot, and Waring Commercial product is not an exception either.  

If you decide to spend money on these blenders, you will not regret it. 

Waring Commercial BB155 has three-quarter power motors that can handle whatever your need instantly with no problem.

The problem you might run into when using this blender, especially in the bar, is that you have to hold the unit’s handle securely while blending. It does not come with hands-off blending.

What needs to be said is that this blender gets made from plastic, but on the other hand, it gets made from BPA-free heavyweight plastic, and you will notice at first glance that it will not crack or break.

Waring Commercial bar blenders are recommended for up to 25 drinks a day crush ice in seconds without slowing your party down.

Waring Commercial WSG60 Grinder

High-performance, one horsepower motor has a tight seal, so nothing escapes safe and easy interlocked lid. The lid and a black rubber ring have to get released and taken out when you put everything in the dishwasher. 

The grinder comes with two stainless steel grinding bowls, and storage lids grind rock-hard spices to dust in the second.

WSG603 power grinder is perfect for peppercorns, cinnamon, nuts, purees. The best thing is that the base is metal, but it also sounds like metal, which might be a turning point for you. The blender comes with durable stainless steel blades that cut through just about anything you put in the bowl. Press the pulse control for the quick burst of power pulsing ingredients that offer precision control.

Waring Commerical WSB60 Immersion Blender

Why tangle your life in multiple tools If you travel by van or boat? Everything can get done with one tool. Waring Commercial immersion blender will provide you with all services. This immersion hand blender is easy to use, as it is lightweight built, comes with a sleek body and stainless steel shaft. The shaft is removable and 16 inches long, allowing you to blend everywhere you would like.

The blade itself is durable and dishwasher safe. The blender has a 750 watts’ motor, which might be good enough for simple smoothies, but nothing harsh textured.

Waring WSB33X Immersion Blender

With Waring Commercial WSB33X, you can be more confident when using deep bowls with its 7-inch stainless steel blending shaft. You can thicken mayonnaise, blend soup, or chop veggies all the tasks will become easy thanks to its 100 Watts motor. On the other hand, 100 watts is too little for anything serious.

You can easily control its speed with its speed slide button. With two

variable speeds, the high low control switch gets easily powered at the fingertips. A high-efficiency motor allows for purine emulsifying and whipping ingredients to perfection. The stainless steel blade guard provides the extra level of protection and function needed in your kitchen.

Waring Commercial CB15 HP Blender

These commercial ultra-heavy-duty bases are durable and easy to clean. The powerful 3.75 HP motor guarantees reliable performance, and you can count that these blenders will be the workhorses of any place. These blenders can handle whatever you require, powering through tough jobs like crushing ice with no problem, especially because the blender gets made from metal and will never break even if you blend or crush ice the whole day.

The only thing that sets this blender apart from other series is the electric touchpad controls, which will make using a blender a much easier and simple process. Because the blender is 12 volts, it might be a little weak for its size.

Waring WSB40 Immersion Blender

Still have not found the Immersion Hand Blender that meets your needs? Keep going. The Waring Commercial WSB40 blenders are perfect for medium-duty operations and have 350 watts of power. With the two-variable speeds, the high-low control switch gets easily powered at your

fingertips. A high-efficiency motor allows for fury emulsifying and whipping ingredients to perfection.

A rubberized grip provides a comfortable and stable operation. The stainless steel blades are sure for durable daily use, and the stainless steel blade guards produce the extra level of protection and function needed in your professional kitchen.

On the other hand, the worst thing about the blender is the irremovable shaft, which makes the cleaning process harder than it should be.

Waring WSB55 Immersion Blender

This Immersion Hand Blender offers a package like many other brands.

However, the stainless-hard blade makes it work comparatively faster than others. It makes sure that none of the chunks gets left on your puree or smoothie.

Its 750-watt motor is powerful enough to serve you with the most premium services, like chopping, blending, pureeing, mashing, and beating.

The immersion blender shaft is interchangeable so that you can easily change the size of any blender.

The blender might get a little hard to clean as the shaft can get removable.


Does Waring Commercial produce a good blender?

Waring Commercial does produce a high-quality product with relevant prices and a variety of features and models. Waring blender deserves a shot. It is an excellent option if you are looking for a multitasking blender that can do more than make frozen drinks.

Is there a blender better than Vitamix?

Every person is remarkably different, and some people do not even like Vitamix. On the other hand, comparing the features and overall Vitamix quality to every other brand speaks for itself. There is a reason why the quick-serve restaurants and the smoothie shops use Vitamix. The smoothies constantly taste better, not because of ingredients but because of the Vitamin blender.

Why does my blender shake?

In most cases, it means your blender is standing on an uneven surface, so make sure to check that. Moreover, the problem might be the pads on the bottom of the blender or the drive device. After that, you can contact Customer Service or contact your repairman.

Which are the best features in blenders?

The best and most valuable features are variable speed and pulse. The variable dial gets used for smoothies, salsas, or sauces with texture. On the other hand, pulse adds control to the variable settings for the most delicate ingredients.


In conclusion, a 12-volt portable blender is the best choice for anyone who wants to buy a good, quality blender with an affordable price and easy-to-move material. The brand that produces the best 12-volt drink blender is Waring Commercial. Some of the blenders are heavy-duty, some of them get made from metal and have unique features, the choice is yours. You can buy any blender which suits your needs.

Hopefully, this review helped you find the 12-volt stick blender.